Premium Block partners with PADD Finance

We are thrilled to announce Premium Block partnership with PADD Finance to facilitate fundraise through platform integration on Binance Smart Chain and adopt a cross-chain network to bridge the platform. Padd Finance is the next generation launchpad for Kucoin based projects. Padd Finance token holders can gain access to exciting projects to invest in. Users can also trade tokens using our swap functionality. Padd Labs is the flagship project for incubating and scaling KCC based projects.

If you haven’t already joined our Telegram and Twitter, click here to join the conversation! Please also read this article for an introduction to our product showcase, a sneak peek of the MVP!

Premium Block and Padd Finance Bringing value to investors

Padd Finance is built on Kucoin Community Chain for ease of use and faster and cost-effective transaction. Padd Finance has Kucoin community chain based IDO launchpad. Both share features like decentralized exchange built inside the platform. Padd Finance also has project incubation for projects based on the Kucoin community chain.

Platform integration for launchpad and fundraising benefits the community to have safe and secure projects onboard. Launching Kucoin based projects can ensure top-tier projects.

Individual pool creation based on a multi-chain network will play a major role for all platforms with niche-based launchpads. Pool creation opens different possibilities to adopt various kinds of fundraising models. Permission-less pools can be created with or without the KYC function. More features to unfold in the near future.

Stay Updated and Stay Safe!!!

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