$PRB SCO is LIVE and tutorial to participate

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2 min readSep 15, 2021

Premium Block SCO on NULS POCM will start at 1530 UTC. Kindly follow the below instructions carefully to successfully participate in SCO (Staked Coin Output).

Wallet Setup

  1. Go to https://wallet.nuls.io/
  2. Click on “Create address”. Put in your desired password and click on “Create address”.
  3. Finish the Backup of Keystore and Private key and click on “Complete backup”
  4. Your wallet is created.

Note: Do not miss the backup files.

Nabox Setup

  1. Go to https://nabox.io
  2. Click on “Chrome Plugin”. Download and install the plugin to the broswer.
  3. Enable the “Nabox” extension on the browser.
  4. Click on “Import existing account” on Nabox plugin.
  5. Paste the “Private Key” and put in the password. Click “Import”.
  6. Nabox web-wallet successfully created.
  7. Click on NULS Network in the left corner side and check the wallet address.

Getting NULS Token

  1. NULS Token can be found on following markets https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/nuls/markets/
  2. Choose the desired exchange and get the NULS token and withdraw the NULS token to created wallet address which was done above.
  3. Make sure the withdrawn NULS token is on NULS network.

Participating in SCO

  1. Go to https://pocm.nuls.io/pocm/Projects/ProjectsInfo?releaseId=159
  2. Click on “Connect wallet”. Select Nabox. Pop-up window opens.
  3. Checkmark the account and click on “Confirm authorization”.
  4. Enter the desired amount of NULS token and tick the user agreement.
  5. Click on “Participate POCM”. Confirm the transaction.
  6. Successfully participated in SCO.

We hope you understand the full process clearly. If there is any doubt, we are always available in TG for support.

Stay Safe!!!

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